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Cellsmart offers a wide array of specialized services related to mobile device technology. See below for an in-depth description of whats on offer to corporate customers.

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At CellSmart we recognize the importance of a cost saving approach for our customers and coupled with the quality of products that we provide we are perfectly positioned to tailor a solution to your specific product requirement. Our clients recognize the cost saving value of our new and unlocked phones thereby allowing companies to structure their own deals for airtime with their preferred network provider.

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The monitory savings to our clients are considerable year on year and CellSmart creates a secure yet flexible mobile working environment for your business. Leading brands such as Apple Samsung, Cat, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony and many more can be procured by CellSmart on you company’s behalf with real time cost saving benefits for your company.

Our corporate employee benefit scheme allows devices to be purchased by companies so that offers can be made to their employees at near to cost price. Our clients range from engineers, medical practitioners, and insurance companies to large businesses

Why choose us?

All devices are unlocked & Sim free

No bill pay or prepay contracts on all devices.

A dedicated service provider within CellSmart to handle your account.

The procurement and sourcing of your products are of zero cost to you.

Additional monitory savings to be made on medium to large orders placed.

Monetary Savings on devices are considerable

Replacement devices are given free of charge while repairs are being carried out.

A CellSmart representative can call to your office to discuss your requirement with no obligation on your behalf to purchase.

Cellsmart Fiscal Process Business

CellSmart Electronics, an electronics company based in Cork, Ireland imports electronics into Ireland from China, USA and Hong Kong without paying Vat at point of entry into Ireland and Europe. The EU directive set out in 2006 (2006/65/EC) allows you to defer the payment of vat at point of entry, so as the additional monies can be used by your company to purchase additional stock and also allows CellSmart to distribute our/your products into other (EU member states).

CellSmart has a reach of 24,000 retail and corporate clients in Europe through the existing trading platforms which we are a part of and with our strong emphasis on price points and quality, we are a one stop solution for distributing your products to your customers within Europe while also allowing you, the customer to leverage the existing monies gained through a partnership with CellSmart for your own additional use. 

CellSmart has built up strong working relationship with the customs and excise within Ireland/Europe and we adhere to the procedures and regulations provided by the relevant government bodies within each EU member state. This has allowed us to maximize the potential of working with other companies inside and outside of the EU and offer a service to your company that allows an ease of access into Europe for your products, while also adhering to all regulations set out by the revenue and customs of each EU member state.

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